Tips on Scoring Your Very Own Turkey

  • 25 November 2015
  • Author: Bel Mateo Bowl
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Thanksgiving and turkey are inextricably linked. Even if you're partial to ham on the big holiday, you just can't have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner without a big bird on the table.

Turkeys aren't only indispensable to Thanksgiving dinners however -- they're equally important to bowling. A "turkey," for bowling newcomers, is the act of throwing three strikes in a row. Because a strike earns you 10 points, plus a bonus based on the score of the next two balls thrown, turkeys are the key to dramatically improving your performance.

With that in mind, let's review some smart tips to help you score your very own turkey.

Provide Yourself With the Right Tools

The battle to throw consistent strikes starts before you throw your first ball. Comfortable shoes and a ball that fits your hand well are absolute essentials. When it comes to choosing the right ball, use the "Goldilocks Method": not too light, not too heavy, but just right. 

Master Your Approach

A fluid, repeatable approach helps deliver good results. Make sure to use the dots and arrows to find your perfect strike alignment. Once you start getting good results, you've found your "strike spot."

Control your speed

Many beginners assume more power provides a better chance at a strike. This often results in overthrows, which can significantly reduce accuracy. Maintaining your form is crucial. Once you get your mechanics down pat, you can dial up the power.

Locate the Pocket

The pocket is the area in a group of 10 pins that affords you the best chance of delivering a strike. Right-handed bowlers should aim for the space between the one and the three pins, while left-handed bowlers should aim for the space between the one and the two pins. Locating and making solid contact with the pocket is essential if you want to bowl turkeys on a consistent basis.

Feeling inspired to score your first turkey? That's great! After enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday, head out and put these tips into practice. Before you go, please visit GoBowling.com's Find-A-Center page for directions to your local lanes.


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