Official Contest Rules

• Bowlers must match the attributes of their monster with the attributes of the Bel Mateo Bowl monster exactly, with the exception of the monster’s color, to win the prize. The attributes to be matched exactly include: Torso, Legs, Arms, Head and Sidekick. 

• Bel Mateo Bowl will provide a copy of the monster during check‐in.

• Bowlers matching the winning monster are responsible to report it to Bel Mateo Bowl’s staff immediately.

• The winning monster must be created by one person and one person only to be eligible to win. Any monster created by more than one bowler, or any monster created by altering or falsifying the scores will be disqualified.

• Scoring system errors, including but not limited to, late falling pins, computer lockups, power disruptions, etc. will void all game plays, without refund. By participating in the contest the player agrees not to hold Bel Mateo Bowl liable for such errors or “acts of God”.

• The USBC rule regarding pin fall will be enforced during all “Monster Match” competitions. A complete copy of the USBC rule book can be found here.

• Not all Monster “parts” may be available in all games and are randomly selected by the scoring system. 

• Games started before the posted start time or completed after the posted end time will not be eligible for the prize.

• All bowlers playing in the “Monster Factory” environment are automatically eligible to win.

• Any winner under the age of 21 that wishes to maintain their amateur status for eligibility purposes will be awarded the $1,000 in the form of scholarship money to be held in a Bel Mateo Bowl account. 

• Contest winner(s) have the option to take the Four (4) Pack of One-Day, One-Park Tickets to Disneyland in Anaheim, CA or the $1,000 cash value as their prize instead.

• Any winner receiving the cash prize will be required to provide a valid ID and social security card as well as complete a 1099‐MISC form before receiving the winnings. No deductions will be with held from the winner’s payment for tax purposes. The winner will be responsible for reporting any payment on their state and federal tax returns.

• By participating in this event, any winner agrees to use their photo, likeness and image without compensation for advertising purposes accordingly.

• Promotion is scheduled to end on October 29, 2017 at 7pm or immediately following the completion of a perfectly matched monster, whichever comes first. However, Bel Mateo Bowl’s management can alter or end this promotion without notice.




Must get this exact Torso, Legs, Arms, Head and Sidekick to win. Monster's color does not need to match.

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