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We're focused on keeping a safe and fun environment for both guests and staff. Please respect our safety policies.

Effective 2/16/22.

Face Masks Optional if Fully Vaccinated

Masks are no longer required if you're fully vaccinated. Face masks are still required at all times for unvaccinated guests (except while actively eating or drinking.)

Plexiglass Partitions

Installed between each pair of lanes, at our front desk and bistro & bar counters. Creates a separation barrier between guests and staff.

Atmospheric Sanitation

Our air and environment is sanitized with a dry cloud solution which is a non-toxic, medical grade and organic atmospheric sanitization. It’s proven to kill airborne bacteria, viruses and fungus all while being safe for food, hands, clothes, personal items, electronics, and it’s EPS approved. This same solution is even used in the mist you see on airplanes! We run this machine twice daily to help keep you and your space safe.

Thermal Camera

Automatic temperature scanner. Located at our front entrance, our thermal camera instantly takes and displays every guest's temperature upon arrival.

Leave Bowling Balls At Lanes

Please  leave used bowling balls at your lanes when  finished. We fully sanitize all equipment and spaces, used bowling shoes can be dropped off at the desk.

Hypo-Kick and Air Purifiers

We sanitize all surfaces and air in our center. Our sanitizer stands dispense a cloud of Hypochlorous Acid (Water, Non-Iodized Salt and Distilled Vinegar) which is a non-toxic, organic, food/pet safe, EPA approved, Coronavirus disinfectant while the air purifiers sanitize the air of any pollutants, allergens, and toxins.

Wash & Sanitize Hands

Continue to practice personal hygiene. Frequent, proper washing of your hands for 20 seconds and sanitizing will reduce the spread of germs.


Hands-free bathroom openers. Our "toe-n-go" shoe levers are installed at the bottom of our bathroom doors to allow for less hand contact.

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