Holiday Weight Gain? Bowling Can Help!

  • 11 November 2015
  • Author: Bel Mateo Bowl
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Everybody loves Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas -- especially gym owners. That's because they know the combined effects of all that candy, turkey, ham and stuffing will send a brigade of new members through their doors.

There is, however, another way you can get some exercise without resorting to an expensive gym contract -- and all those long lines at the StairMaster.

We're talking about bowling.

While bowling might not rank up there with running a marathon when it comes to pure athletic exertion, it likely burns considerably more calories than you think. It also has the decided benefit of being indoors -- a huge plus during fall weather.

With that in mind, let's go over a few tips for maximizing your calorie burn when at your local lanes.

Bowling Health Facts

Let’s cover the basics first. You may not believe that bowling is a great way to get exercise and lose weight, but the data doesn’t lie. Bowling burns approximately 100 calories per hour, which may be more or less depending on the weight of your ball and how many times you’re up during that hour. Bowling also builds 134 muscles, builds strong bones, sustains hand and eye coordination, and promotes good balance. If you bowl three games, you’ve essentially walked a mile.

Use a calorie tracker

One of the great things about fitness technology is how it makes gathering detailed data about our workouts so easy. By using a smartphone app or a wearable device, you can track how many calories you're burning while bowling. This provides positive reinforcement, and encourages you to push yourself a bit harder.

Bring a friend

It's always easier to burn calories in a group of two, as friends can rely on each other for motivation. Bowling is also one of the most social sports around, which means you'll have a better time accompanied by good friends. That, in turn, will make you want to bowl more -- and burn more calories.

Pick up the pace

There's no rule that says bowling has to be done at a leisurely pace. If you want to push the calorie-burning envelope a bit, bowl faster -- and keep time spent sitting to a minimum.

Feel like burning some calories at the lane tonight? That's great! Head over the GoBowling.com's "Find A Center" page to locate the lane nearest you.


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